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A love note to googly eyes

Published about 1 year ago • 2 min read

Happy April 1!

I've always hated April Fool's Day. I don't like teasing or pranks.

And then I had children and my daughter showed me how fun April Fool's Day can be.

Over the years, she's found new ways to make me laugh. One year she replaced all our family photos with photos from a television show. One year she covered the surfaces of our home with little plastic cats. Another year she put googly eyes on the food in our fridge.

And now I feel so differently about April Fool's Day.

You may not care about April 1, but the bigger point is an important one.

We can rewrite the stories of our earlier years.

Maybe we had a vision of what it meant to be married, partnered, or single.

Maybe we had a narrow definition of family, or thought that being a parent meant you couldn't do certain things.

Maybe we were taught to think about work or success in a narrow way, or to see getting older through a certain lens.

Maybe you've been following definitions that no longer feel right.

Maybe it's time to create your own meanings.

One way to access new definitions is to ask, What feelings do I want to have?

I didn't like pranks, so I didn't like April Fool's Day. But if I started with, "what do I want to feel on this day?" I would have found my laughter and realized there was a different way to think about April 1.

We often see middle age or old age through the definitions handed to us and we know we don't want them. But if we start with what we want to feel, we can make our own definitions and embrace these years.

This week, if something is causing you pain, see if there are old definitions you can let go of. How can you welcome in the feelings you want to nurture? ❤️

As children, we often imagine that when we're grown up, we'll have it all figured out. But of course, it's not so simple. Life can be challenging. Throughout it all, it's helpful to remember that we are always already whole. Take a listen to this week's episode to see what this means and why it's so important.

Episode #44: You are always already whole

Ep #44

We often see ourselves as jigsaw puzzles missing some pieces.

Sometimes we look at other people's puzzles and wish we had their pieces.

We want to be calm, centered, organized, strong, joyful . . . Sometimes we try to get those pieces by reading a book, going on a retreat, taking a course.

They can help, but what will help most is first seeing that you already have the qualities we're seeking.

We are not jigsaw puzzles after all.

Listen to find out what it means that you are always already whole and why the garden store might be more useful to us than the puzzle store.

The concept of "always already" comes from philosophy but you don't need to go back to class to understand this in your core.

And when you truly get it, it makes so much possible. ❤️

Have a great weekend!

Love, Rachel

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