A love note to being too old

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I’m too old.

Do you ever think this?

Sometimes we don’t. Not consciously.

But we believe it in the background.

I’m too old to start again.

I’m too old to learn.

I’m too old to have dreams.

So we stop asking what we want for our life, our year, our day.

I mean, I get it. Life is busy and sometimes we’re just getting through.

It seems practical to stop dreaming. Who knows if we’ll have time to finish what we started?

And believing that keeps us where we are. Safe.

But you know, if something makes us feel more alive, it’s time well spent.

It doesn’t have to be a Career, a Goal, an Achievement. It’s not about the finish line.

It’s about believing that we can enjoy our life. Our days. That we can make time to

Create art.

Connect with others.


Feel the sun on our cheeks.

Use our gifts (baking, giving, loving, making, celebrating, planning, planting).

We can believe this at any age.

We can make time for the things we love, even if we start small. Where it feels difficult, we can figure it out.

Because we’re too old not to.

I’m too old to give my time to things I really don’t want to do.

I’m too old to care if other people approve of my dreams.

I’m too old to let negative self-talk stand in my way.

We can decide this at any age.

This week, look for opportunities to say no to things you don’t want to do. Look for opportunities to say yes to experiences you deeply want. Neither has to be big. Maybe you say no (not now) to coffee with a friend because you realize you really want to spend the day alone. Maybe you say yes to a walk even when your head tells you to clean the kitchen. However old you are, you are old enough to do what you want, for some part of every day. You are old enough to learn what makes your heart sing and to find ways to have more of it. ❤️

Sometimes we think we're too old to have all the feelings. We think we should have outgrown our self-doubt, worry, lack of confidence. This can make us feel like an imposter, like we're not really the person others think we are. In this week's episode, I explore imposter feelings and how accepting all the feelings as part of our humanity lets us know we're the real deal.

Episode #49: Imposter feelings

Ep #49

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter?

I do. I've felt like an imposter scholar, coach, mom, adult.

Usually this happens when I'm having feelings I think a “real” scholar, coach, mom, adult wouldn’t have. Self-doubt. Sadness. Anger. Worry.

Usually we try to banish the feelings. We practice telling ourselves that we’re great. But the feelings often refuse to leave. So we feel like imposters.

In this episode, I offer another way. Rather than trying to kick the imposter feelings out of the club, we’ll change the rules of the club.

In this episode:

🌟 Why feeling like an imposter doesn’t mean you have imposter syndrome

🌟 Why trying to overcome self doubt often doesn’t work

🌟 Why self-doubt is often a sign you’re doing something new and brave

🌟 How to experience self-doubt without believing it

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Love, Rachel

⭐ I love having you in my world ⭐


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